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The Create™ Process Overview

Craft your teaching resources to match the way you teach! With McGraw-Hill Create™,, you can easily build custom materials by selecting only the content you need from one or more sources, arranging the content to fit your syllabus, and even quickly uploading your own, original content.

To use McGraw-Hill Create™ you will first need to register for a Create account. If you are already a registered user of a McGraw-Hill product (McGraw-Hill Connect,, or any of our Online Learning Centers), simply sign in using your current McGraw-Hill username and password.

Create your book in three simple steps:

1. FIND content to add to your Create project by searching through thousands of leading McGraw-Hill textbooks and third party content: 4,000 McGraw-Hill textbooks, 5,500 articles, 25,000 cases, and 11,000 readings. Our powerful search engine hunts across and within millions of pages of content to yield accurate search results.

2. ARRANGE your project to fit your teaching style. Change the order of the chapters, easily add section dividers, delete chapters, and even upload your own content like your course syllabus or teaching notes.

3. PERSONALIZE your project’s appearance by selecting the cover and adding your name, school, and course information. Choose either an eBook or a print book (color or black and white) for your students.

Order a Create book and you’ll receive a complimentary eBook review copy in minutes. Print review copies arrive in 3–5 business days.

The McGraw-Hill Create™ Advantage:

  • Combine chapters from multiple McGraw-Hill textbooks
  • Delete chapters you do not cover
  • Include readings, cases, or assignments to use in conjunction with textbook chapters
  • Change the order of chapters to perfectly match your syllabus
  • Add your syllabus or lecture notes to the textbook
  • Add original artwork
  • Join the text and the student study guide together in one text
Go to now to begin building a sample book for your course!

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